Peppa’s Voice-Over Brexit

“Are we nearly there yet?”

Daddy Pig’s little red car sat-nav has let down the Pig family. They keep going in the wrong direction.

“Daddy, I wish that we had the Galileo Satellite System, an EU-owned GPS.”

“Me too Peppa.”

Back at the house, Brexit-Day has finally landed.

Wishing for the best B-Day ever, Peppa Pig has marked the occasion with a voice over. From today, a new 9 year old will speak for the iconic bovine-figurehead of our children’s future. A crowd-funded clock would have been the perfect gift, but it’s too expensive. Peppa will have to wait until Christmas for that present. But Peppa is getting a new train set, a 5G mobile phone from China and will be allowed to make more of her own decisions.

"Thank you for my presents Mummy and Daddy Pig"

“Don’t go jumping in any muddy puddles Peppa!”


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