COVID in Brexit

Self-isolation and frequent hand-washing have, thus far, plagued the UK-EU Brexit negotiations. After dispensing a high-rate of mortality to non-BeLeaving cabinet ministers in No. 10, the UK government is unable to shake-off feverish uncertainty about the likelihood of a deal within 9 months. A tumultuous and torrid turn of events including storms Dennis, Chiara, regional flooding and corona turned-COVID 19 has left the UK with chills. Now, after a stock market crash, prompted by an oil supply-shock spat between Russia and Saudi Arabia, stay-at-home Brits must readily stockpile loo-rolls and Dettol whilst eagerly waiting for the post-Sajid budget.

The UK House of Lords has tried to decipher what the EU actually means by demanding a “level playing-field” and UK-EU negotiations have been focused on fishing. France has spread its net to the US as Macron beds Biden to dethrone UK banking.

To counter against the COVID contagion, Boris Johnson has chaired a COBRA meeting and Rishi Sunak will inject a cash vaccination. According to Sky News,

“Emergency measures in the PM's plan include a Cabinet Office war room, more home working and curbs on travel, bringing NHS staff out of retirement and bigger class sizes in schools.”

Furthermore, the PM will stick to GMT in Brexit negotiations with the EU. There will be no sick-note to ask for more time said the PM’s spokesman (not Rishi).

If you have not prepared for a no-deal Brexit, now is the time for you to do so.

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